Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Tata Nano is good for India, Environment and everyone

Tata Nano is back in the news - for all the good reasons - booking is open online and launch date has also been announced. Here are my top 3 reasons why Nano is actually good for all of us.

1. Nano will make better citizens out of us :

Nano is going to congest the roads - which is a good thing. Now the lazy ones who always had better alternatives to commute will just give up driving and take to cycling, walking, take the public transport or try car pooling. One cannot drive on 1st gear for 20 kms daily - the clutch foot will hurt and petrol bill will bite like a vampire in the neck. Ouch. So these lazy bozos will now suddenly "discover" new ways of commuting - which are cheaper, cleaner,stress free and faster too. 

Time to recommend two of my friends who are doing their part to change the world -

Rohan Kini's pedal power -
Vipul Kasera's Car pooling portal -

2. Govt will make better Public Transport:

This will be the second effect. Now the Ministers and their entourge cannot zip through the roads anymore. How much ever the policemen try they just cannot control the Nano army from invading the roads. So our smart ministers will device ways to shepherd people into buses and trains - so the roads are relatively empty for them to zip past. 

3. Nano will go green:

It is just waiting to happen. Hackers will soon throw in a few batteries and a electric motor into a Nano - so for less than the cost of a Reva you have a better looking 4 door car. Then Tata will think - why don't we do it ourselves and Tata will launch an electric Nano and suddenly the environmentalists will have to reinvent themselves to criticize Nano - like how it is using Steel and Lead and Arsenic and how bad it is for the environment.

I for one welcome the Nano overlords :)


  1. Nice article. I totally agree with you. I'm looking forward to whatever you have said here.

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Totally agree with you. Also, Nano might be the first car from India that has a chance to go BIIG elsewhere in the world too.