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Not Much Running Notes : Week 11 - 15

I think Week 11 Sunday I ran 26kms. I felt some weird pain in my foot so stopped. Had set a target of 32kms.

Then as the day went I found my left mid foot hurt really bad. Yaay - new pain. Started research and read all about pronation. Perhaps I was not running right. Saw a youtube video too to prove myself. Read about the correction shoes and got even more confused.

Then I read a post - saying - this is how humans run - no point correcting it. So I came back to my starting point - thanks and no thanks internet. My running is fine.

Perhaps my legs gave up after too much of running on hard surfaces.

I took the tough decision and downgraded from full to half marathon.

Waited for a couple of days, and went for a run. Stopped after 1.5kms as the pain was back. I stopped running for the next 4 days or so.

Should I just quit and live to fight another marathon or give it a shot.

While the debate was raging in my mind - I noticed the pain ease a bit. Did a few runs and even though was tempt…