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You dont want to be Rashtrapati Bhavan this week..

Great many men have walked on my lawns, corridors, steps. The last one who took my abode made me famous like none other. People looked at me with a new found respect. Camels, deers, dogs came to me to be treated. Flowers started blooming with joy. I did not know I had other uses than being a rubber stamp. Alas...those days are over.

Now I am going to let criminals walk on my lawns, corridors, steps. Someone who has cheated a poor vegetable vendor's daily savings, a poor clerk's daughter's marriage's savings by using their hard earned money to write off loans taken by her husband,brother,uncle,aunt - by being the director of a bank. Someone who has used her MPLAD funds to help her husband create a mall instead of a housing unit, or a hospital or one of the many useful things 1 Crore a year could have done. Someone who has tied the investigating agency's hands so her husband will not be prosecuted for murder..yes you read it right - murder. Its a shame I have to bear …