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Hi PETA - get your priorities right.


Good job on creating a mass movement and uniting a fractured Tamil Kingdom ruled between a Dynasty and bunch of Film Stars. Thank you - no one could have accomplished what you just did.

I am not going into the merits of Jallikattu or demerits - but given the clout you posses - here are my humble requirements - so you will get your priorities right.

Poultry and Cattle Transfer

I wait on my bike in a traffic signal with the hot sun and exhaust fumes everywhere, sweat drips  from the helmet harness on to the petrol tank and as I watch it evaporate - I hear a few bird sounds nearby.. turn to my left and see these white chicken all squeezed tightly - suffocating under the same sun and exhaust fumes - luckily their trip is only a few hours before they turn into a tandoori platter.

However, PETA - this is plain wrong. The poor souls deserve a decent journey the last few hours of their life.

Please get Supreme Court to pass an order to transport these poor souls in an AC vehicle - wi…