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When will Kindle launch in India?

Hi Jeff Bezos! How are you doing? Feeling recession pangs? Don't worry - you have got a solid business. You can recession proof further and consider expanding to India. When are you releasing kindle here btw? This is the one gadget I really really want. 

I have 30 or so books in my reading list ( in shelfari ) and none are available in India. 
I feel guilty when I buy books - dead trees and environment and all that. I need to search - lot of times I would think of quoting from a book but feel lazy to go search through the bookCan read multiple books at the same timeBut please please please do not do an iPhone in terms of pricing. Thank you.

An inspiring movie - 300

Last weekend we saw the movie "300" - the amazing story of a crazy bunch of 300 Spartans who bring the mighty Persian army to its knees - almost. Had I watched this before I started working on Apartment Adda , I might have only appreciated this movie for its slick production and technicality. But I was emotionally involved and felt charged up while seeing this movie. 
The Spartans believed firmly in their abilities - all their life they practiced for this one day. They were able to draw all their life's experiences and lessons to this one fight - which they know is extremely hard and odds are stacked heavily against them. Yet, they hold on amazingly as wave after wave of attacks hit them. It is a fantastic story that will inspire you and push you to do things that seem daunting - just like running any startup.

Like the Spartans, Apartment Adda is a lean team now  - and we are trying to build useful features, build a brand name, sell the product, support our customers, figh…