Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lara Croft Go

I am a gamer who had lost his way.

6 years back I had logged out of TV and logged into FB, Twitter. Kept liking and sharing and tweeting the past 6 years or so. All this time I had not completed any game - other than the occasional try outs of Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run. Monument Valley is an exception - the first game I purchased and played to the end after reading rave reviews of this game.

It has been a month or more - since I logged out of Social Media. It was giving too much BP with zero action or outcome. 

And to occupy the new found free time - gaming moves in. Idle brain is a devils worskshop you see.

I started on Lara Croft Go game - a 60 Rs. Download from App Store, and promptly got stuck at 3rd level or so - dont remember exactly. The game nudged me to buy a puzzle opener for Rs.160 - but I did not. Persisted and after lot of trial and errors cracked that level.

Then when I completed all the levels, they opened up one more level - I was both happy and angry...grr.. have to put up with more of these spiders and poison arrows - and man the final level was  hard! And yesterday night I completed it. 


The above screenshot is the final scene. All the lizards, snakes, spiders that tormented me throughout the game were coming to grab Lara - and Lara has no where to go but to walk till the edge and grab the magic immortal stone - which spits out a brilliant bright light and all the tormentors die. 

Gives immense satisfaction after completing all the levels.

Beautiful game - graphics, animation, music - the works. Does not need fast reflex - it is a turn based game and you can take your time to make the move. You make one move, spider moves one space - and even if you die you get to try again.

Next on my list is either a racing game - not sure if my reflexes are still intact ( Horizon Chase ) or another Puzzle game ( Lumino City ).

The gamer is back.