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Steve Jobs is Howard Roark

Claimer : This is not a post to mourn but to Celebrate Steve Jobs. 
I read Ayn Rand's FountainHead in 2008. A life changing novel.

If you haven't read here is a gist.

The hero of the book is Howard Roark. 
He hates the old school architecture - where you have the professors expecting one to design buildings with 18th Century architecture - the pillars and ornate designs. Howard Roark could not stand this "apeing" and refuses to follow the college's dictum and drops out and moves to New York to start his own design firm.
At the same time - Peter Keating, his fellow student, graduates with top honors and moves to New York.  The first half of the story is all about how Peter Keating's career rises while Howard Roark is rejected by the System and he goes to work as a day laborer in a mine quarry and as a construction worker. 
The second half is all about how Howard Roark's style of architecture is accepted and creates a new School of Thought. He creates a desig…