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2 months of linux bliss

I have Ubuntu dapper running on Dell Latitude D610 - with some help and inspiration from my colleague Josh Cronemeyer - a linux whiz. I have tried linux in fits and starts but never covered so much ground as I have in the past 2 months - and now very rarely I boot into Windows world.

Pros :

Boots up fast, everything is ultra responsive - compared to windows xp on the other side of the laptop.
Lotus notes on wine works surprisingly ok. ( damn you IBM for lotus notes )
Cisco VPN !!
Java compilation time - 20% less time than windows
apt-get install
Multi desktops, desktop spanning.
Wireless support much better from Dapper onwards.
Hard drive never starts threading - uses virtual memory the way it is supposed to be.
I run lot of stuff all the time and the OS never twitches.

Cons :

No TextPad
No TortoiseSVN
Lotus notes ( damn damn you IBM )
Colibri - perhaps there is an equivalent - havent researched
Lot to catch up with OS X - but far ahead than that thing called windows.