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Microsoft's battles

Microsoft is fighting lot of battles - that is one problem of being big.
OS : Windows vs OS X, Linux, Solaris, and now Google Chrome OS
Email : Hotmail/Live vs GMail, YMail
Search : Bing vs Google,Yahoo..
Database : MS Sql Server vs Oracle,MySQL,PostgreSql..
IM : MSN Messenger vs GTalk, Yahoo Messenger,IRC,Pidgin
Programming platform : .NET vs Java..
Languages : C#,VB.NET,ASP.NET vs Java, Ruby,Python,PHP,Perl..
Mobile OS : Windows Mobile vs Android, OS X, Symbian..
Media player : Zune vs iPod, Creative, Sony..
Office Suite : Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice, Google Apps
Browser : Internet Explorer vs Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera
Gaming Platform : XBox vs Nintendo, Sony and now iPhone
Vector graphics for web : Silverlight vs Flash, Flex
My head is spinning. If you notice the ones on the right of VS - for instance Opera - that is their entire life - the reason for their existence. They are focusing all their energies and souls into their products -yet Microsoft is able to match them and give a goo…

Get inspired by the Spartans : "300" Movie Review

Have you seen the movie - 300? It is the story of 300 Spartans who defy all logic and fight against wave after wave of attacks by a much bigger Persian army. Technically it is a well made movie and is a good entertainer - but as an entrepreneur you can draw lot of inspiration from this movie.

The Spartans were severely outnumbered - but they believed in their abilities, their training, the trust they had with one another - sounds familiar? :)

As an entreprenur you will have to fight lot of battles - thought not as gory as Spartans.

Fight against a well established player :

Like the Spartans, when Apple started they had to fight IBM. When Pepsi started it had to fight Coke. You can find so many stories where a small company challenged the giant in the industry. If you are one of those entrepreneurs fighting a bigger player - keep going. If you believe in your abilties, in your team - even if it is small - you can win the battle eventually.

Fight against established norms :

Spartans did not …

Staples Print Center's gift to me - Khatra.exe

Last weekend I went to Staples Print Center in Marathahalli - Printo has closed shop and moved out. And when I got home I plugged the USB drive into Vista and AVG Anti Virus did not complain - but I saw a program called Khatra.exe asking for Admin privileges to run.
Then I rebooted into Ubuntu and was horrified to see the files that were there. There were folders and lots of exes. Now I am upset with 2 entities here.
1. Staples Print Center
Printo always scans the flash drives ( even if it used to take time ) and not once they loaded viruses on to my USB drive. Wish Staples learns from their competitor and educates their employees to follow proper process ( I am sure Staples will have it in their employee handbook ).
2. Vista
I did not give administrative privileges to Khatra.exe, still it managed to copy itself in the registry in some 10 places, got itself added to startup , and had the guts to ask again for administrative privileges when I rebooted.
I am shocked that inspite of all the…

Some random photos

Photos shot on my Nokia 6630

with his Avva in Reliance Footprint while his Ma shops !

this is equivalent of commenting out the failing test because the entire build was failing ! forgot where I took this one.

in Lal Bagh or Cubbon park - one of them.
after Prithvi's birthday party.

Achu, this is for you !

on the terrace - should be the world for this little ant !

He is a Royal Challengers fan, but was just being nice.

Next in human evolution - use mouth for carrying stuff, so hands are free to tweet and blog.