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Running Notes : Week 8,9/16

Week 9 

And Monday we had a team outing at Thungareshwar. It was a 4km climb on a gently rolling hill - for a temple and a waterfall near Vasai. I went up and back without any fuss. Patted myself on the back - couple of months back I could not have pulled this feat. The body adapts itself really well.

The next 3 runs I kept myself to less than half an hour - so I could spend more time doing the knee strengthening exercises.

Sunday morning it was raining heavily. I was worried about the park.

As expected I found the track very muddy and un-runnable. I left the park and came to my parking lot. However this time I did only 25% of a run in it. Rest I did it on the tar road.

As expected after 5 kms, behind my knee I started feeling the pain. Don't know it was the mind playing tricks on me, or it was really hurting.

Choose to ignore and continued listening to the book - which was quite engrossing. Our hero puts a spell - in a duel with the Malfoy character - which brings out a nameless …