Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sudarshan Kriya Effects

It has been 4 months since I started practising Sudarshan Kriya - I learnt in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji's Art of Living course.

I do some deep, slow, fast, medium paced breathing.. as per the instructions - for some half an hour - almost on a daily basis. And have got some wonderful effects.


It is a goner. I don't outrage anymore - like I used to. I do feel I am a little slow when I am confronted.  But it gives me time to think and react - instead of just shooting from the hip and later feeling bad for having reacted the wrong way.

I can think back how I was 4 months back - where I was stressed and frustrated most of the time - and how I am today - a world of difference. I don't know if people around me can see it, but internally I feel I am more in control, patient and at peace.

Clarity in Thought

If you are a full time wearer of corrective glasses, and once in a while when you wipe it clean the whole world looks sharper. It is a similar feeling. The world looks clearer and beautiful - I see the sky and sun more often and admire its beauty. The plants in our balcony, and the Apartment Complex's landscape are more greener and visible all of a sudden. The kids, stray dogs - all look cuter. The world has always been the same, but looks much different, much beautiful and loving.

Single Tasking

Part of my frustration earlier was I could not do all the things I wanted to do. Even while I work my mind will be planning the next few tasks - or I will keep switching tasks and will end up doing nothing - and will get more frustrated.

All this has changed the last few months. I do only few tasks - high priority ones - and do them one at a time. The task that I am doing, I do it with full attention. Even if a few tasks do not get completed, I do not get frustrated.

End of the day I feel I have accomplished a lot, and my productivity / throughput has increased tremendously.

Living in the Now

Earlier when I used to play with my kid, my hands will be throwing or catching the ball and I will be doing it mechanically. The mind will be off somewhere thinking of a bug, or a feature to be written, or outraging on some twitter post I read. Nowadays I give him the full attention and play whole heartedly just like a kid. I have read so much of being mindful - and wondered will I ever be able to do it like how they describe - well I am slowly getting a hang of it. Still far away from being totally in the now - but with lot of practise I can get to it. There are so many tasks that I perform in a day to practise and become good at it.

The best state of mind I ever had was immediately after the 4 day Art of Silence course I attended. The effect lingered for almost a month, and slowly dissipated. Nowadays I briefly get into the same state mostly after doing Sudarshan Kriya and will last for sometime but not the entire day. Might have to go for one more 4 day course to recharge and find out how to be in this state all the time.

Art of Living Course is the find of 2014 for me. Thank you Guruji for having created this course.