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Sudarshan Kriya Effects

It has been 4 months since I started practising Sudarshan Kriya - I learnt in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji's Art of Living course.

I do some deep, slow, fast, medium paced breathing.. as per the instructions - for some half an hour - almost on a daily basis. And have got some wonderful effects.


It is a goner. I don't outrage anymore - like I used to. I do feel I am a little slow when I am confronted.  But it gives me time to think and react - instead of just shooting from the hip and later feeling bad for having reacted the wrong way.

I can think back how I was 4 months back - where I was stressed and frustrated most of the time - and how I am today - a world of difference. I don't know if people around me can see it, but internally I feel I am more in control, patient and at peace.

Clarity in Thought

If you are a full time wearer of corrective glasses, and once in a while when you wipe it clean the whole world looks sharper. It is a similar feeling. The world looks cle…