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How to browse the 2006!!

Well heres a primer for the un initiated in the new www. Googling for something has become so 90s. I will list some tools/techniques I use daily which are far more effective.

1. RSS - RDF Site Summary, or Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication

Think of it as SMS text messages sent by websites all the time. Once you subscribe to it you need not hit the website to see if there is any new content. Firefox, Safari, Opera all have RSS built right into them ( The Dark Lord is still building as of this post) . So if you have the urge to see whats happening in the world you need not type - instead you can just pull up the RSS list to see if anything interesting has happened before you last checked - It saves time, saves bandwidth and you can quickly check across multiple such websites in under a minute.

The above screenshot is one I took just now.

2. - A social book marks manager.

Before I go further lets go back to early 90s - pre Google days. There was this websit…