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Sufi you are an illegal immigrant as of today

BBMP - The corporate body in charge of Bangalore - which keeps roads pot hole free, streets free of trash, lakes without foam, keeps underpasses dry during monsoon - was able to carve out free time to brainstorm and come up with a new law - to regularize pets.

BBMP has put up a list of allowed breeds in Apartment Complexes. Sufi who happens to be a Beagle is now an illegal immigrant as of today. Sufi, Trump also hates you now.

And it is not over - there is a new rule now - only one pet per apartment is allowed. And Indies are not in the list either. Good luck Carbon ( Sufi's friend living in a nearby Apartment ).

To tackle pet breeders they justify. I tell this to Sufi and she does a face palm with her cute paws.

Instead of punishing all pet lovers - why can't they legalize and regularize pet breeding. Right now it is done illegally and the poor animals are exploited. The mothers are made to give birth every 6 months for 14 years at a stretch and are reduced to machines and t…

Bloggers Block!

My last post was in January 2018 and it was an effortless post - just a book round up of 2017 books I read.

From then to now lots have happened.

Rajinikanth has announced his entry into politics.

Flipkart got acquired by Walmart.

CSK won the IPL tournament.

BJP struggles to win

Trump is not yet impeached.

Spectre Bug

Bitcoin went up and down and out of news now.

And yet it all went unobserved by me.

So my future self on a rebirth who somehow discovers this blog - or an alien race researching on why the Earth imploded - a big part of history will be missing.

My future Self and aliens - I am resuming my blogging.

Unblocking the Bloggers Block - let my ideas flow and live in the ether.