Sunday, June 28, 2015

Running Notes : Week 4/16

Monday June 22

6.46KM. It was a laboured run. Rain was pouring heavily and had to stick to the parking lots.

Our hero and his friend decide to take a treacherous route populated by nomads and campa ( thieves )  - as there are no district officials in that route. The district officials would have stopped their progress as they do not have permit to go to Lhasa.

The 2 fugitives move from one nomad camp to another and are well taken care of. Here they find polyandry common - a woman living with 2 or 3 husbands. As they get deeper and deeper, they find the nomads becoming more and more hostile. They were entering the campa territory. Campa are the thieves who plunder from nomads and caravans.

They unknowingly go near a tent, assuming it is that of a nomad. Soon they find out it is that of a Campa - as they do not have any sheep or do not look anything like that simple nomads. They have a fitful sleep if they will be murdered that night.

The next day morning they quickly start. The campas let them go, but soon 2 sturdy looking campas start accompany thing them prodding them to go to a nearby hill where a smoke was emanating. Our heroes quickly decide it is a bad idea, and soon retrace their way back to the campa tent giving some excuse, and then they follow the route they came - as they knew it already and it was not campa infested.

Somehow they dodge the pursuers, and now take a different route suggested by the nomads - which is  even more treacherous but no humans inhabit this hostile territory.

Tuesday June 23

Target was 11kms. I decided to get out on the road. It was a very bad idea. There were poodles of water and it was raining heavily. I mis stepped multiple times and I knew it was not good for my legs.

After 6.8kms gave up as I had developed a familiar pain on my right legs - Shin splints.

I used to have it in my left leg a long time ago. It usually comes when I run a lot or I run bad. This time it could be the combination of both.

I was worried a bit as does this mean my marathon conquest is going to end? I decided to give a rest to the training program.

Wednesday thru Saturday

Rest. I was constantly researching where to go run. Ruled out Sanjay Gandhi park as they have laid it in concrete the entire stretch to Kanneri caves and I can only go after 7:30AM. Have zeroed in on Aarey colony - have to go check out.

On Friday I did manage a few steps and there was no pain. I was at Isha foundation at Coimbatore and was trying to reach the 5:45PM Nada abhishegam. We reached at 5:45PM and had to run to the Dyanalinga. It was beautiful the meditation and the scene - it was cloudy and drizzling, at the foothills of Vellingiri mountains where we spotted 5 water falls.. and a beautiful calm ashram. Could have stayed forever.

Sunday June 28th

According to the training plan I have to run 19kms on Saturday ( yesterday). I decided to do the long run today.

Thankfully the rains had spared Mumbai the last 2 days and the roads and park were dry. There was a brief shower in the morning but it was not heavy.

I ran for 8kms at a stretch. No pain. Phoo. The marathon is on. Took a short walk break and continued running for another 2kms. I went back to the apartment security guy where I had kept the water bottle and drank it all. My legs were already tired and sat down for sometime. Screw time.

P was doing his cycle rounds and spotted me. The chatter box will not leave me alone. I was starting on the next 9kms with a doubtful heart. And this guy asks,

"Naana why you are not running?"

I said, "boss my legs are tired. I am giving them a rest. Will have to think of something strong and then run"

"What strong things - like metal?"

I thought for a moment and said - "like Love and Joy."

P wanted to come with me on his cycle - I had to force him to cycle within the apartment complex. On a shorter run perhaps I will take him with me. Today I have a tough run ahead.

I walked for another km, and then entered the park. This time decided to finish the remaining 8kms in the park itself. I ran a mapping run - to see how long the trail was - had to put on the headphones for this and switched on the audio book. The trail was a perfect 1km. What a blessing this place is.

Our heroes now enter Lhasa. They use their wit and lie at couple of places that a bigger entourage is following and they have to go and prepare lodging for their bosses and race through the checkpoints.

They are received well, and the Tibetans take good care of them. Even the Dalai Llama's parents meet him. They were simple peasants in a village in China before their son was identified as the Buddha reincarnate.

They were then brought to Tibet where they were treated as a King and Queen.

The heroes now are more or less saved. Their first night was funny - after spending days in the cold in their make shift tent, they get a nice warm heater and a soft bed - and they find it hard to sleep.

I switch to my running songs and complete the run with more walks towards the end - after a marathon 2hours and 45 minutes. 19kms conquered.

P was waiting for me near the gate of the apartment complex and we both go and drink Tender Coconut.

My legs are super worn out. Shin splints did not appear.

I will be making few changes to my run - I think I get the drift of this marathon preparation.

Here is going to be my new torture plan for the next week. Deviating from what Nike run coach is suggesting ( i am cutting off one run )

Monday : Sweet Rest

Tuesday : 8kms
Wednesday : 11kms

Thursday,Friday : Rest

Saturday : 8kms
Sunday : 23kms

Will use tomorrow to explore my new route at Aarey colony.

Here is what I did on Week 5.