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Running Notes : Week 4/16

Monday June 22

6.46KM. It was a laboured run. Rain was pouring heavily and had to stick to the parking lots.

Our hero and his friend decide to take a treacherous route populated by nomads and campa ( thieves )  - as there are no district officials in that route. The district officials would have stopped their progress as they do not have permit to go to Lhasa.

The 2 fugitives move from one nomad camp to another and are well taken care of. Here they find polyandry common - a woman living with 2 or 3 husbands. As they get deeper and deeper, they find the nomads becoming more and more hostile. They were entering the campa territory. Campa are the thieves who plunder from nomads and caravans.

They unknowingly go near a tent, assuming it is that of a nomad. Soon they find out it is that of a Campa - as they do not have any sheep or do not look anything like that simple nomads. They have a fitful sleep if they will be murdered that night.

The next day morning they quickly start. The campas …