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when eclipse tanked on me...

it was smooth sailing on my new amd 64 bit kickass box. And suddenly eclipse failed to start with this error message : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/104/1/.cp/ eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/104/1/.cp/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Also my jdk was I downloaded jdk_1_5_09 and all was well. Also I remember having some plugins - for web development - perhaps they screwed it up - anyway hope this helps some one.

first post of 07

Here are some of my observations the past year.

I got back to India for good during the middle of 06 - after 6 years in US. There was lot that had changed meanwhile.

* Any bill gets rounded to 50 paise. No more 5,10,20 and 25 paises. And I see 50 paise rairly too.

* Indicas - it was a time when I was working in TCS the GL ( Group leaders ) got a Tata indica free or for some discounted rate I dont remember - and were going gaga about it - now 7 years later Indicas have replaced the black and yellow ambassador taxis. They look good nevertheless - but the mere sight of an Indica brings some anger in me - daily I see thousands on airport road waiting to cut into my lane( lane - something thats in the figment of my imagination ) - and also on the road - parked in the middle - creating a traffic jam. I dont know the GLs still drive aroun d in their indicas or given them away to the taxi wallahs.

* Pulsar -somewhere in the middle of 04 or 05 I dont remember - heard about this new pulsar which p…