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IE gotcha - does not render row colors

My dynamic table rendered by an AJAX call had alternating row colors - which as expected rendered beautifully in all the major browsers ( except IE of course ). 
The row looked like this tr bgcolor="#EFEFEF"

I had to push the bgcolor into an inline style and then IE started showing the row color.
tr style="background-color:#EFEFEF"
Hope my IE posts get over, because to find every IE gotcha I spend quite a fair amount of my time.

Should I eat my humble pie now?

Ahem..Dravid has now scored a century. Perhaps he read my blog and got angry and wanted to prove a point. Anyway hats off to you Mr.Dravid. May India win.
But here is some statistics I painstakingly gathered  - The total runs scored by Dravid in the last 10 matches - in both the innings.
47 - V South Africa 24 - V Sri LAnka 46 - V Sri Lanka 78 - V Sri Lanka 56 - V Australia 39 - V Australia ( he did not bat the second innings though) 22 - V Australia 03 - V Australia 07 - V England 136 - V England ( only the 1st innings score )
I rest my case. 
It is time to retire - when you have scored a century. You have contributed immensely to Indian cricket. Scoring 10,000 runs is a major feat. You have delighted the world and us with your stroke play. But the time has come - let us see more Dravids emerging out - give them a chance.