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Fight the Good Fight !

Book Review - The Pilgrimage
The book is all about fighting the good fight!
When we were young we had dreams but did not have the skills to achieve the dream. Then we educate ourselves, and through apprenticeship learn the skills to achieve the dream. However while doing so we lose sight of our dream and when we have the skills - we do not fight for the dream. "Fight the good fight" - Paulo's guide tells him - inorder to achieve your dream. 

The second interesting thing is - we all fight for a reward. We achieve a dream so we can get a reward. But we never think what we will do with the reward. Once you answer it - the process of achieving your dream, getting your reward becomes easy and more meaningful. 
Finally, during the course of the book you will realize how a devil is as important as an angel. Confused - let me explain from what I understood. Angel is the one that protects you. Devil always looks out for its own good and is selfish. Wondering how a devil can help you?…