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My First Run without a Phone

If you are a runner you obsess over your accessories. You will understand.

If you are not a runner - let me explain to you, why we runners obsess over the accessories.

Even when you are lacing your shoes - the devil part in your brain will keep shouting - Do you really want to run? - it is cold outside, or why not take a break today or it is already 8:30 - sun is out in full force... blah blah - the chatter keeps going on and on - asking you to stop and relax in your sofa.

The devil should be quietened. Unless you are a Buddha for us ordinary mortals it is not possible. We need tools.

A Smartphone is perfect for this. There are podcasts, music, audiobooks. The devil needs to be fed with these - so you can run at peace.

My first smartphone was Samsung Galaxy S in 2010. My running took off with this. Used the stock wired headphones but it will hurt my ears. And it will keep slipping once sweat builds up. Had to keep adjusting it and never got into a good rhythm.

Second problem is where …