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Running notes : Week 6/16

The euphoria of running a half marathon died down rather quickly.

I actually cheated last week. My goal was 23kms, but I stopped after crossing the half marathon mark. Not meeting the long run target was a mistake.

The week was uneventful - it did not rain much and I clocked a few runs according to my plan.

Last week my long run was on Sunday. This time I pushed the long run to Monday - being an off-day ( Team ADDA works Tuesday thru Saturday - no Monday morning blues for us ).

I reached my running spot at Aarey colony and found it devoid of runners or walkers.  Today is a working day and all the poor unlucky folks are at their desk I thought.

I got to know the reason why there were no runners at around 8:30AM. The main road connected Western Express Highway (WEH) to Powai and is full of traffic during peak hours and is jammed. The Aarey colony road is the only alternative to the world famous JVLR road. Moment there is a jam, all the cars and bikes take a detour through my running tra…