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Macs can do more

Starting today, I am going to write about how on a mac you can do more things. Of course you can do the same or even more in Windows - but you have to bend your back. I will examine each of the applications, tricks I enjoy in my mac - also to be fair will try to find equivalent application in windows and linux and review them.

Mac sets you free...!!


UML is like the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) for physicists - only difference is UML has been developed and is being used everywhere. I started this book a few days ago and I am hooked. I will be telling you some of the interesting things I discover in this journey.

As a briefer : UML defines nine types of diagrams

1. Class diagrams
2. Sequence diagrams
3. Collaboration diagrams
4. Object diagrams
5. Statechart diagrams
6. Activity diagrams
7. Use case diagrams
8. Component diagrams
9. Deployment diagrams