Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Luck Mr.Obama

Good luck Senator. I hope you win the election and by next week you are Mr.President.  Here are the reasons why I support this young man.

1. Obama is young and is experienced enough. If W can be President, Mr.Obama - editor of Harward Law Review - can very well be. No arguments. Shut up Mc.Cain and Palin.

2. I am an admirer of Clinton. I love to listen to him. Obama is another great orator of our times. Give him a chance to speak to the world.

3. This is kind of a hope. Currently I am reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and there is a striking similarity to the story and our present day crisis. In the story all innovation wasstifled. The industrialist who invents a new alloy, another one who invents a new way of drilling oil - all are hounded by the establishment ( Washington, old way of doing business guys, incompetent scientists ) - to not prosper with their innovation. In fact these new ideas are killed unceremoniously citing various reasons. 

Roll forward 70 odd years and the same thing is being enacted. Stem Cell research has not taken off, electric cars are yet to start rolling off in US ( biggest consumers and biggest pollutors - sorry - it is not China and India - howmuch ever you twist the facts ). I feel John Mc Cain, W - are all the bigots who stifle innovation - because they and their friends ( oil companies pharmaceutical giants, insurance companies) will get wiped out if the new ideas succeed. They prevent the world from becoming a better place to live in. I am hoping Mr.Obama will remove the barricades and change the world. I can bet on Mr.Obama than on Mr. Mc Cain.

4. And this is another hope. I hope Obama inspires another Obama in India. An energetic young man who will put India to where it deserves to be - a country that redefines mankind and spreads peace and happiness in the world - and not a third world country, that apes US and UK.

Me? Thanks for the thought :)

And Hell No - not  you Mr.Rahul. It is a sad sad comparision. Tell me one good book you have read. I know you have not written any thing - not even a blog? Tell me one original speech you have given - what are your views on Reservation, Terrorism, Kashmir, China, LTTE. I cannot stand the coming General Election in India when such comparisions will be made. 

Coming back to the man of the moment - Mr.Obama - may the pregnant chads and dimpled chads fall in your favor.