Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chennai Vs Bangalore

Some people will live and die for a city. I am not one of them - and I will objectively analyze which city is a best fit for me - a 30+ year old dad, techie, non-pub hopper, digs Chettinad food and Saravana Bhavan, and who enjoys the beach. By now you know where my allegiance is :)

Beach Vs Mall

The beach might not be how it used to be 10 years back - but still the salty air and cool breeze are the same. No one can prevent the breeze from hitting me - and every time I go to Beasant Nagar beach it reminds me one of the fun times I had there - late night cricket, intellectual and mushy exchanges...numerous.

When I go to a mall I get blinded, suffocated and when I come out I feel drained of my energy and am happy to get out of the mall.

Chennai : 1 
Bangalore : 0


Traffic has shot up everywhere - even in tier 3 cities. Chennai traffic is still smooth like butter. You wait only once in any signal - lots of flyovers and smart traffic management ensures you keep moving. Bangalore - uggh.  Driving is zero fun in Bangalore.

Chennai : 2
Bangalore : 0


Chennai has got great food at affordable rates.   Saravana Bhavan and chettinad joints are there everywhere - Karaikudi, Ponnuswamy, Anjappar - and you can get a tall Falooda for 75Rs ( in Anjappar ) with an umbrella. Try to get one like that in Bangalore for the same price. 

However, to Bangalore's credit the type of cuisines are endless - konkani, mangalorean, name it - it is there in Bangalore. It might be costlier than Chennai but I would award equal points to both.

Chennai : 3
Bangalore : 1 

Chennai Super Kings vs Bangalore Royal Challengers

Awarding points to both. BRCs seem to be fighting back.

Chennai : 4
Bangalore : 2 


Chennai wins hands down. I spotted 2 Audis in a space of an hour. There are so many Mercedes. And once I was sandwiched between 2 Mercedes - felt as if I was being escorted like a rock star. Bangalore? Too many indicas, sumos - and even if an Audi R8 pulls next to me I will not notice - I will think it is a figment of my imagination.

Chennai : 5
Bangalore : 2


Ahem. Heres where things get tied.

Chennai : 5 ( wanted to give a negative score )
Bangalore : 5  ( awarding a whopping 3 pointer ) 

Bottomline - it is a tough choice. You go where your career takes you - rest of the things you can compromise and live and hope things change for the better. 

And finally to sum things up here is my haiku that I wrote when I was in Chennai.

Audi might have got its quattro
But Chennai still has its bovonto*

Dhoni might be from Ranchi
But he is now Chennai's own Machi**

* Bovonto is a fruit drink looks black in color and bottle says - "does not have fruit juice or pulp". Is as bad and unhealthy as a Pepsi or Coke and does not have an Amir Khan or SRK peddling it - but tastes fantastic. You can still find it in Chennai.

** Valid till he is bought by a Mumbai or a Kolkata team.