Sunday, March 01, 2015

Guy who went around the world on a bike, in 1975

I finished reading Jupiter Travels by Ted Simons.

This crazy British journalist went around the world in 1975 - in a Triumph motorcycle, took 4 years and lived to tell the tale through his book.

Each of us are sent to this world to experience life. It is all programmed before we are planted on earth. Some of us let the soul's true purpose come out - some of us let the ego, self-imposed chains to prevent the soul from going in its journey.

Ted Simons let his soul a free run and did this brave journey - all alone in 1975. He entered and left Egypt before the war, reached Cape of Good hope at the bottom tip, took a ship to Brazil, got arrested and let off and explored Argentina and via Mexico got into USA, found his love. Again took a ship to Australia, then rode across the continent, took a ship to Singapore - rode a bit there, came to Madras ( as it was called then ), rode to Bangalore to see Sai Baba in the now Whitefield ( and was disappointed not to see any magic ), went to Mumbai, Benares, Calcutta, Agra.. got totally bugged off India towards the end - got into Pakistan, Turkey and reached home. What a journey.

What I loved about the book was his candid account. He did not hide his emotions and feelings - was a true first person account.He did not hide back the frustrations, the disappointments, the anxiety. He did not pretend he was a hero or this brave chap out to accomplish something.

Towards the end I felt he was forced by the publishers to write what the take away from this journey was - could feel he was arm twisted into writing this - otherwise as a reader we will be disappointed ( I wouldn't be! ) - that he did not learn anything from this 4 year journey. He did dwell upon this - but I knew it was not from his heart. Sorry Tedji - you need not have told us about this - words cannot convey these I think - has to be felt.

And my Thunderbird is quietly running errands.. it is telling me something.. my soul can feel it :)