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5 simple tips to fight Flu

The media is doing what it does best - spreading fear and panic. So here is my little post which is an anti-dote in these scary times. Some tips for increasing your immunity - so when flu gives you a visit, it knows it is not welcome.
1. Orange Juice & Fruits.
Fruits have become really expensive - nowadays Doctors are cheaper than Apple ( the fruit ;) ). However packaged juices are cheaper than fruits if you do the Cost benefit analysis.
Try and get juices that claim they have no sugar and no preservatives. I do however remember reading that Vitamin C by itself does not help fight flu - but there are other good things - anti oxidants, Vitamin C, fiber - so over all it is good for a healthy you - and it is tasty too.
2. Japanese Shower
Take a hot bath and once you are done - in the end - take shower in the cold water. While taking a hot bath the pores open up and blood flow circulation increases in the skin. When suddenly cold water hits your body, the pores start contracting, and bl…