Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 simple tips to fight Flu

The media is doing what it does best - spreading fear and panic. So here is my little post which is an anti-dote in these scary times. Some tips for increasing your immunity - so when flu gives you a visit, it knows it is not welcome.

1. Orange Juice & Fruits.

Fruits have become really expensive - nowadays Doctors are cheaper than Apple ( the fruit ;) ). However packaged juices are cheaper than fruits if you do the Cost benefit analysis.

Try and get juices that claim they have no sugar and no preservatives. I do however remember reading that Vitamin C by itself does not help fight flu - but there are other good things - anti oxidants, Vitamin C, fiber - so over all it is good for a healthy you - and it is tasty too.

2. Japanese Shower

Take a hot bath and once you are done - in the end - take shower in the cold water. While taking a hot bath the pores open up and blood flow circulation increases in the skin. When suddenly cold water hits your body, the pores start contracting, and blood is forced to rush deep into your system - carrying with it nourishing oxygen and anti bodies. This is very effective and fun.

3. Pranayama

It takes 2 minutes but this is the most effective of all - I do this while reading the headlines of the newspaper in the morning.

Remember the 10-10-10 rule.

First set : 10 times breathe slowly but firmly through left nostril with right nostril blocked. Repeat with right nostril.

Second set : 10 times breathe a little more faster and with more force through left nostril.Repeat with right nostril.

Third set : 10 times inhale through the left nostril, exhale through right nostril and reverse.

4. Stay away from fries and chaat

8/10 times whenever I ate those delicious fried bajjies, or paani poori outside I have caught cold. You can try rice bran oil for frying ( but do not reuse ) and relish the same sinful stuff at home - cheaper and comparatively healthier.

5. Wash hands constantly

I once heard a NPR podcast about the correlation between number of heartbeats and the lifespan of an animal. The only species which defies this is humans - whose number of heartbeats is less, but their average lifespan is disproportionately higher.

The reason they gave was that humans wash their hands. Simple as that. All the epidemics enter through hand-mouth/eyes route.

Have soap dispensers in all the basins - and yes, you should use anti bacterial soap - just washing hands with water is not going to be of much help.

6. Bonus - Aerobics

This is the panacea to not only fighting flu - but to most of the ailments which might trouble us. If you think about it there is no way of fighting flu alone - your whole body has to be healthy - that will ward off lot many things - bad cholesterol, back aches, stiffness, excess fat build up.

So friends let us not wait till New Year to get healthy, this is the right time - we are being brainwashed with Swine flu scares by the media. Instead of reading reports and worrying, let us hit the healthy lifestyle button.