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The New India.

On 16th December, 2012 Nirbhaya / Jyoti Singh Pandey was tortured and murdered by 6 humans ( sorry cannot use the word animals as animals are much too nobler ). The country woke up to a cold hard truth - this country is going down fast - and without any control.

The establishment has thrown its hands up - we have laws but they are of no use to prevent such atrocities or we cannot enforce it effectively anymore.

Recently saw a video where someone from the audience asked a question to Rahul Gandhi - when kids cannot even read what is the use getting internet in schools?

Rahul Gandhi just asked back - what do you think the answer to the question is.

This video is being circulated and being laughed at - but actually - I am not laughing. Rahul Gandhi has a point - the establishment has given up. They cannot solve the myriad problems facing this country.

Acute Water shortage. Electricity disruptions. Economy in a mess. Movies being banned. India earning just 4 medals from Olympics. Women an…