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My Fitness Streak

Quantum leaps are not done by trying incrementally - but by taking quantum leaps. - Myself :)

I kept running 5 Kms and suddenly one day I just decided to run 10 Kms and I could do it - of course it did hurt - but  it changed me forever.

My 4 year old was on training wheels for more than 2 years and one fine day the wife removes the training wheels and after a few days he was able to ride by himself.

When you are going to dive into a cold swimming pool there is no use touching the water - just dive in.

And last week I read a story about this guy who is on a 25 year fitness streak. That did it - the very next day I started my own fitness streak.

Today is Day #6 - going good and I am telling myself - I will not break it - ever.

Day #1 - Ran 4.2 Kms
Day #2 - Ran 4.4 Kms
Day #3 - Cycled 4.2 Kms
Day #4 - Ran 5.0 Kms
Day #5 - Meditated
Day #6 - Ran 5.2 Kms

It will take some 21 days to become a habit. I hope after 21 days my fitness streak will be like brushing, shaving and I need not talk to…