Friday, October 17, 2008

Starting up on a bad economy

With the US and Europe banks falling like bowling pins all around, I keep hearing - this is only the tip of the ice berg - I do question myself - Is it wise to start up now? So I keep my eyes peeled for any news on startup and recession in the same line.

Here is a an article on how its good to start a startup during recession. 

For hackers - your competition is less. You cohackers and competitors are probably hanging tight to their jobs or going to join a job or doing their degree.  Also things will be cheaper during recession. And Apple,Google,Microsoft all started on a recession.

For investors - buy when the market is bad. Invest in start ups now - against conventional wisdom - so when market picks up and start up is not start up any more - you reap better rewards. 

Thats what I read ( I read what I want to hear :D)  - you can make your own views from the article.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Double Whammy for my bong people

I am half a bong so I can talk about myself. So dont throw fish bones at me. Chew them instead ;)

In the last 2 weeks 2 important events happened in West Bengal. 
Nano moved out and Ganguly puts his stinky feet up. These 2 are isolated incidents and both happen in different sections of the newspaper - business and sports. However I read both and since the events happened close by I have to connect the 2 dots. 

Ganguly - love him or hate him he does hold a mind space among us. There is this IndiaWatchDogs website which was born 3 years back mainly because of Ganguly ( to talk on how to throw him out of the Indian team ).  Or the 100000hours of coffee time that bored techies talk about Dada - for and against. Ganguly has done a great service in entertaining the masses. A salute to him. And of course he has scored some runs in that boring game called cricket - which I have striken off from the list of things that I classify as sports. 

Nano - I am waiting eagerly for it. Its like linux - give it to the masses and they will change the world. It wont take much time  before the dead fossil digester - a  28% efficient combustion engine !! is thrown out and some one puts in a 95% efficient electric motor ( yes - compare the doctored lab notes lying on a Thermodynamics lab and a doctored lab notes of a electric machines lab ). I will get one - no will get two nanos once they do that. So I can carry passengers in one and batteries in another.

Now the 2 or 3 month delay my dear Mamta and Buddadheb have caused is a minor set back. But thanks for upping the ante now before Nano started rolling off the assembly line from Singur - and then if they had done their "politics" - Tata could not have pulled out of West Bengal. Thanks thanks and thanks - for your short term vision in your politics too. Love you both. I will give you a dinner in Leela Palace when you come to Bangalore. Its on me.

Now how does Ganguly and Nano link - is it the beginning of an end and the beginning of a new beginning. Whatever - perhaps Tata ropes in Ganguly to model the car - then my bongers will go boinkers. You never know. Now that will be the Raj Bhog gift back to WB from Tata.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Used that Programming Language to Write What??

I stumbled upon this nice post about the tech choices we have. Resonates with my earlier post about PHP - how its good as a prototype bring it out fast language but needs to be re written in Java in the long run.