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Speaking of SS

Memories fade fast. Capturing it while it is in my memory. I lost a dear friend. It is about him. 
My friends will know his identity - not revealing his full name. 
Hardwork and some amount of luck brought 60 of us to this Electrical Department in CEG. Half from Chennai rest from other parts of Tamil Nadu, and a handful from rest of the country. 
Among them was this handsome young man with a cheerful personality who was an instant hit among all of us. He was in the same hostel floor as mine - 2 rooms apart.  
In the English class we had to speak something in English ( duh ) - and based on how we spoke we were to be kept in A section or moved to B to be improved. SS said he is from this Great City called Pollachi near Coimbatore. We all had a laugh and he went on to sell his Pollachi.
I was put in B section and missed similar entertainment from SS in English class. However, SS entertained us almost daily in the bathrooms - with his songs as we waited or were in the adjacent bathrooms.