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Why 24 hour news channels are make it stupid.

I went to grab water in the break area and saw the TV spouting news of Sanjay Dutt's impending verdict today. And there was this anchorman telling the news of Sanjay Dutt leaving his house. Should I even honor the word "news" for what the anchorman told? Do we have so much happening that it has to be told as it happens? How is it going to affect me today - will I lose electricity today, will there be a traffic jam in Bangalore? It wont be even a blip in my radar - nor so for the billion people in the country - perhaps for the one or two souls called producers who have invested on Mr.Dutt. Things are rapidly falling the Fox,CNN way - I remember once seeing some thing like this : breaking news : 10.01 PM somecriminal has been escorted by somePD to the airport, 10.08PM : he has been seated in the plane, 10.23 PM : he has been served prawn rice, 10.40 PM : he has been escorted to the loo. What idiocy is this? How do I save myself from the idiot box and the idiots pushing stu…