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My Top 10 things of 2008

Today I got stuck in a barber shop for more than an hour - the last hair cut of 2008 eh - and ended up reading India Today's top 10 things of 2008. I got this brain wave for a list of my own top 10 events of 2008. 
10. Stealing my nephew (Achu's) cycle. I turned green this year ( partly inspired by my wife, partly by oil prices ) and thought now I will cycle my way around AECS Layout. Well cycle is here but the back wheel does not hold air. Have to fix it first thing in 2009 so we can use it.
9. Learnt how to change nappies, sterilize bottles, hold a baby, put him to sleep, feed him, entertain him - I can write a book !!
8. Worked on my first .NET project on Vista. No comments.
7. Got the shock of my life on the new modified 81 seaters in Sleeper class and a never ending journey from Bangalore to Calcutta and back with a demanding never-tiring-keep-entertaining-me 10 month old.
6. Watched Obama create history.
5. and my heart brimmed with pride seeing Chandrayaan take India to new l…