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Jan 4th College of Engineering Global Alumni Meet - CEGAM2

Got back from an exhilarating trip to Chennai.

I was filled with nostalgia - partly because of the campus, partly my old friends - and laughed my heart out like good old days.

However there were times when was discussing the not so happy moments. Will eat the frog first and get it out of the way.

Old Age and Cancer

We are all peeking into middle age, and our parents are peeking into old age. With it brings its own challenges. We are still building our careers and with both husband and wife working nowadays  it is difficult to provide round the clock care to our parents who need total care. A few of us are going through this phase now.

For San and I - after having relocated to Mumbai - we have no family / friend support system like we had in Bangalore - it is quite a challenge. Luckily there is a Startup in this area - Portea Medicals and they supply trained nursing attendants to come home and look after the patient. This might sound as a plug for Portea, but truth is - I am really than…