Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An announcement..

"As we are hurtling through space at the rate of 67,000mph ( milky way's velocity), in one corner of a small blue planet, in a small 3BHK apartment in Bangalore - there is this guy who has decided to take a plunge into the unknown. ThoughtWorks was generous enough to offer him a 3.5 month off time from work to try out some of the ideas he always wanted to work on."

Of course - the guy above is yours truly and I am relishing every moment of it. It has been 12 days since I stopped attending daily stand ups and work commutes. I wanted to write about this on day one but suddenly things got super crazy from day one and never found time to make this announcement. 

Right now I am in the middle of building this online portal for apartment neighbourhoods.  I have completed the ground floor - still 3 more floors to complete :) We are aiming for Oct 20th release if everything goes fine. Wondering who "We" is - it is Sangeeta of course joining in my crusade. She is continuing her job to support the monthly EMI and diapers ;) 

And btw I completed Big Bang by Simon Singh and he made me feel so insignificant about myself and the gallaxy crunching decision that I thought I have taken. Helped me feel that it is no big deal to get out of one's comfort zone and stare at the unknown bravely. After all I am a speck in a small speck called Earth.

Next update will talk about my work setup, or will list a few threads that are running in my head or about how I am running Windows XP ( not vista, not ubuntu !!) 

Wish me luck :)