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Green build !!

For a developer nothing in the world makes him happier than a green build. ( Well of course there are things like Wii, a power book, an iPhone, an Audi A4 - but they all cost..a lot.). There was one suite that was failing the build consistently for the past few days. I could have just commented it out and said to myself - will fix it later. It is as bad as Satyam's Raju inflating his accounts. Because the commented test will never get fixed ( trust me - it might get deleted but never fixed ) and more functionality will be built on this untested one. It is better to have a failing build than have a green build which just gives a delusion that everything is alright.
Anyway, I fixed the tests - it took some time but got a green build in the end and the world feels alright !

Hi Renault...

At times when I feel bored, I will randomly pick an ip address from the logs and see where it is from ( ) - and wonder of wonders - this ip address originated from Renault's network in France. Hmm...when will Ferrari's computer browse Apartment Adda?

My advice to politicians - do not take credit for SDM winning oscar

The  Congress spokesperson says that Congress has created a "conducive environment" that has led to the emergence of 'Achieving India' during the UPA rule and hence the oscar.

Perhaps he did not see the movie ? The movie glorified India's slums and the filth that is associated with our country. And Congress has created a "conducive environment". Amen to that. 
Please think twice before you try to take credit for everything. 
And the news article :

Vista is an A$$

In my blog post a year back ( ) I had given a favourable review of Vista. Now i take everything back that I said.

Earlier I thought my Dell 620 ( had a Vista performance rating of 3.0 ) was not man enough to run Vista - so I was forgiving. But now I have a Dell Studio 17 which has a performance rating of 5.0 - and it is still troubling me.  Here are the reasons :
1. I have an apple USB keyboard with the mouse attached to it. Every time the machine comes out of sleep I have to wait 1 minute before it gets activated. And yes the year is 2009 and it takes such a long time for Vista to detect a USB device/hub. Good job.
2. BSODs - I see it 2 to 3 times a week. I still have not found a pattern and I do not have any freebies off the net. 
3. I am in Bangalore and power goes off frequently. And along with it my internet connection goes off. Mostly I will be connected to Apartment Adda through putty and it will stop responding. The CP…

Mr. "Ad"vani

Hello Mr.Advani - err.."Ad"vani. You are killing me. You are there everywhere - wired posts, slashdot posts, lifehacker posts. One Mr.Obama had tremendous success by working the internet machine - but it will not work for you. Here is why.
1. Ads annoy people - especially if it is not targetted. Why should a prosperous India ad show up when I am reading about Pirate bay's defence or some tech forum topic.  If I am reading about a political blog or on some serious concern related to India then there is some sense. Just throwing money and plastering an ad everywhere will not work. 
2. Is it a wholesome media campaign or your campaign team has bought a big bag of google adwords? I close my laptop, open Indian Express and if I read some thought provoking Ad it will sure impress me. 
3. The "How" is missing. I agree Mr.Advani will try to make India strong prosperous and all that. And so are Mr.Manmohan Singh, Mayawati, Jalalalitha, Laloo etc.  - but "how" is …