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My 2010 Books Roundup

1 & 2. Dune and Children of Dune by Frank Hebert

The first part - like all movies - is the best. Truly unputdownable - best science fiction I have ever read. Second part is little tiresome.

3. Flow - Psychology of Optimal Experience. How to find joy in everything you do. This book helped me in my running and car washing! Amazing book - will give a new perspective to how you view little chores to big tasks.

4. Outliers - By Malcolm Gladwell. Reasearch is boring - but reading the interpretation of such research is fun. The figure - 10,000 hours got drilled into my head.

5 & 6. Goal 1 & Goal 2 - By Dr.Eliyahu M.Goldratt. This book is a must read for everyone in any profession. It has got nothing to do with Agile or Lean - it will shake you up and make you think. I have heard multiple times about out-of-the-box thinking - this book has enough examples to trigger the out of box thinking process. Also it gives a whole different view point to dealing with constraints and ineffic…