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Aleph by Paulo Coelho

I am getting back to Paulo Coelho after a very long time. The last one was disappointing - "The winner stands alone",

This book - Aleph - hits me at a time when I am going through a spiritual turmoil sort of. 
I have told this incident to a few folks, but never in this blog - long back in December 2010 - I ran out of Petrol on my bike. A very first in my history. I pushed the bike for more than a kilometer, and managed to buy some questionable looking fluid and resumed my journey.
I was to meet a gentleman to show a demo of our product - and I was late by 1 bloody hour. He waited patiently for me even though it was already his lunch time and did not cancel the appointment.
We spoke for an hour about the product and then we started chatting - what I read, what is my philosophy. He then said this :
"Venkat, do you think we meeting at this moment is coincidental? It is all planned"
Yeah yeah I thought - have heard that one before. Was being polite and just smiled as I…