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Moving back to India

For some reason I have kept this blog impersonal - because I was too lazy to write about myself, or perhaps nothing big happened. Well anyway now I have to - We are moving back to India. Thoughtworks has accepted my request for transfer to Bangalore and we are moving in July 06.

Top 10 things I will miss when I am in India :

10. Starbucks
9. Netflix
8. Apple show room
7. Interstates and its gas stations and its restrooms !!
6. Daily show ( thanks youtube!! )
5. NPR ( thanks podcasts )
4. 8.00pm sun light, snow ( but I dont like the cold that comes with it)
3. BestBuy window shopping
2. Americans in general - and especially the friends I made whom I might or might not meet again.
1. Hot water anytime and long showers.