Saturday, February 11, 2012

Start of the Start - Talk at Bangalore Barcamp 11

Here is the mind-map I made for the talk at the Bangalore Barcamp 11.

Had some initial hiccups when my laptop did not connect to the network, then I started whiteboarding  - meanwhile some kind soul setup his laptop and I was able to continue my presentation.

It was well received - I was quite satisfied, but when I look back it could have been better. I missed out some interesting anecdotes I had gathered - the non-internet thing frazzled me at the beginning. I was planning to download this mindmap and show it locally - but I woke up late on Saturday morning - and murphy's law struck - as always.

can you spot my session? :)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Don't join a GYM

Don't join a Gym. Instead Run.

1. Gym will get boring soon. 

You discover new ways to workout, new machines. Then you set targets - 10 Reps, 15 Reps, 30 Reps and reach them. Then you start getting used to the machines, the reps, the music, the people who come there, the smell. Then you start dragging yourself to Gym. It is like going to office - not fun.

Instead Run - you can create so many variations - Run around a lake, Run inside a Park, Run on a long stretch of road, Run on a treadmill,  Run on a beach, Run on a nice slope, Run on new trials. Run a marathon and get a certificate. Run backwards. Run barefoot. Run in a midnight marathon. Run on Mumbai Sea-link ( my next goal ). You can keep changing the place, pace, time - no two runs are the same.

Running never gets boring. After every run you get a "Runners High" - you have to experience it to understand it. Its addictive too - a good addiction.

2. You need to wait for your favorite treadmill / machine

When you run you need not wait for anyone - the road is always open.

3. You can enjoy nature.

A hot sun beating on you, your tshirt is wet from your sweat and a cool breeze touches you - and you can feel the heat and coolness penetrating your skin - its a wonderful feeling.

4. You are truly green.

You are burning only your own calories when you run. You are not wasting fossil fuels unnecessarily.

5. No Guilt.

You are not paying for a year's Gym membership and spend the days in guilt when you do not go to the gym. If you don't feel like running - don't run. And when you feel like running - you just take off - wherever in earth you are - on a vacation, on a business trip.

You have a free membership to this gym that is available everywhere - 24x7.

Don't give in to the Gym's pitches - all you need is a cheap shoe and a good headphone - and just run.

A Runner for the rest of my life.