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Incredibles poster
Originally uploaded by haikvr. I remember 1992 when I saw Terminator 2 - I thought this is it - we have reached the end of graphics and imagination - nothing else can be made which can top this. 12 years later I want to laugh at that kvr who watched Terminator in awe.

Sangeeta and I went to the 12.00am show on Nov 5th to see Incredibles. There was a sparse crowd so we could choose our seats. The movie rolled and it looked like some ordinary cartoon movie. The movements were smooth, animation was amazing but still nothing ground breaking. You have to wait till the jungle scenes to realize Pixar's prowess. The leaves and greenery were real. I dont know if they used real shots and mixed it with the virtual scenery - or they recreated it. I gotto wait for the making of Incredibles DVD to know how they did it. The greenery was real. The rocket, the buildings - I had to keep telling myself this is all CGI and its not real. Thats for the graphics and animation.

The s…