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I dont want to be Alonso this week

I was always thinking of writing a series in my post-a-month blog - so I will get disciplined to write more frequently for my million audiences...Finally I have broken my procastination shackles and heres the first post in a long ( hopefully ) series of a celebrity I definitely dont want to be this here you go : And the top rated honour goes to Fernando Alonso , 2 times world champion in Formula 1 currently driving McLaren Mercedes - (always) behind another McLaren Mercedes car driven by one Lewis Hamilton - who is a rookie and supposed number 2 for McLaren - who I heard has stuck Alonso's photo on his rear view mirror ( I just made it up - Hamilton from what I read about him is too humble and a nice guy to do anything like that).

I was watching last week's French Grand Prix ( yes I am married..hehe:) ) and Alonso chased Nick Heidfield for 60 laps trying to over take him on one corner which was immediately after the pit lane exit. After the second pit stop Hamilto…