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You dont want to be Rashtrapati Bhavan this week..

Great many men have walked on my lawns, corridors, steps. The last one who took my abode made me famous like none other. People looked at me with a new found respect. Camels, deers, dogs came to me to be treated. Flowers started blooming with joy. I did not know I had other uses than being a rubber stamp. Alas...those days are over.

Now I am going to let criminals walk on my lawns, corridors, steps. Someone who has cheated a poor vegetable vendor's daily savings, a poor clerk's daughter's marriage's savings by using their hard earned money to write off loans taken by her husband,brother,uncle,aunt - by being the director of a bank. Someone who has used her MPLAD funds to help her husband create a mall instead of a housing unit, or a hospital or one of the many useful things 1 Crore a year could have done. Someone who has tied the investigating agency's hands so her husband will not be prosecuted for murder..yes you read it right - murder. Its a shame I have to bear …

I dont want to be Alonso this week

I was always thinking of writing a series in my post-a-month blog - so I will get disciplined to write more frequently for my million audiences...Finally I have broken my procastination shackles and heres the first post in a long ( hopefully ) series of a celebrity I definitely dont want to be this here you go : And the top rated honour goes to Fernando Alonso , 2 times world champion in Formula 1 currently driving McLaren Mercedes - (always) behind another McLaren Mercedes car driven by one Lewis Hamilton - who is a rookie and supposed number 2 for McLaren - who I heard has stuck Alonso's photo on his rear view mirror ( I just made it up - Hamilton from what I read about him is too humble and a nice guy to do anything like that).

I was watching last week's French Grand Prix ( yes I am married..hehe:) ) and Alonso chased Nick Heidfield for 60 laps trying to over take him on one corner which was immediately after the pit lane exit. After the second pit stop Hamilto…

Fools paradise !!

Today ( Feb 12th ) is the Bangalore Bandh - for protesting against Cauvery tribunal's verdict. Let me observe this objectively.
Bandh : Bandhs are illegal in this great nation of ours. We needed Bandhs to eradicate the British - but bandhs are like self goals, inflicting injury on ourselves, setting your own shoe on fire, hit wicket - wish those boneheads understand the negative impact Bandhs create - It makes irreversible damage to the economy, image of India, investments, our work schedule. Now will this Bandh do any good to the cauvery verdict? No. Will it change the opinion of a single soul who has the power to do anything about it? No. What does it achieve other than doing all the damages I mentioned? Nada.

Banning Tamil Channels :This is the most ridiculous "protest" I have ever heard. How does "boring" tamilians ( who watches Tamil Channels other than my poor mom and her friends ) achieve the result of pissing Tamilians that they will give back the water?…

Something we should not forget

I stumbled upon this blog that has unpublished photos of Hiroshima. It is very moving and will make your mouth dry. Still you have to watch it - to know the horrors of nuclear warfare - and think about the morons who are controlling the triggers for such horrors.

when eclipse tanked on me...

it was smooth sailing on my new amd 64 bit kickass box. And suddenly eclipse failed to start with this error message : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/104/1/.cp/ eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/104/1/.cp/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Also my jdk was I downloaded jdk_1_5_09 and all was well. Also I remember having some plugins - for web development - perhaps they screwed it up - anyway hope this helps some one.

first post of 07

Here are some of my observations the past year.

I got back to India for good during the middle of 06 - after 6 years in US. There was lot that had changed meanwhile.

* Any bill gets rounded to 50 paise. No more 5,10,20 and 25 paises. And I see 50 paise rairly too.

* Indicas - it was a time when I was working in TCS the GL ( Group leaders ) got a Tata indica free or for some discounted rate I dont remember - and were going gaga about it - now 7 years later Indicas have replaced the black and yellow ambassador taxis. They look good nevertheless - but the mere sight of an Indica brings some anger in me - daily I see thousands on airport road waiting to cut into my lane( lane - something thats in the figment of my imagination ) - and also on the road - parked in the middle - creating a traffic jam. I dont know the GLs still drive aroun d in their indicas or given them away to the taxi wallahs.

* Pulsar -somewhere in the middle of 04 or 05 I dont remember - heard about this new pulsar which p…