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Hot summer ride from Bangalore to Mumbai and back

Mid-life Crisis
The wife told everyone - "Midlife Crisis" 
Sometimes there is no rational explanation why I do certain things - like this road trip on bike from Bangalore to Mumbai and back, in peak summer, through some of the drought stricken regions. So the wife had to term it my Mid life Crisis. 
I don't analyse too much on these. Just go ahead and enjoy the experience. 
The whole trip started with me fixing the EFI of my Thunderbird ( Comprehensive guide to owning a Royal Enfield bike ) - sunk 13k to replace an important part so the bike will start. After fixing felt bad for the bike - here is a cruiser doing small errands and going in stop and go Bangalore traffic. It never runs full throttle. Time to let it run loose. 
I found a co-conspirator - a developer in the team who owns an Avenger. And we started preparing for the big trip.
On my earlier trip to Mumbai on bike, in 2014, I had Sangeeta escort me on a car. (If you are interested here is the story )This t…