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The Draw String Bag!

The above is a Draw String Bag and what you are going to read is its story! 
In 2007, Sangeeta got involved in a Green Initiative called "Show We Care" in SAP GD. They got allotted a budget, volunteers were called and Sangeeta joined the team and brainstormed multiple ideas. 
One of the ideas Sangeeta conceptualised was this nice solid cloth bag with the following written on it ( by a creative guy from their marketing team ).
Plastic is Harmful! - Look what it did to Michael Jackson.
Every employee was handed one and were asked to use this instead of plastic packets ( Bangalore had not banned plastic bags yet - ban came in 2011 I guess ). Sangeeta brought one home and I took a liking to it. 
While I loved the bag ( perfect for going shopping on a bike ), I hated the Michael Jackson reference - because I respected him a lot and also after a few months he died.  I always wore the bag in such a way that words are not facing the world. 
Also in 2007, "Show We Care" arr…

MBP is now on SSD

Once gizmos run out of warranty I get excited. Time to try out a few things it was not originally designed for ( definition of hacking )

My Early 2011, Mac Book Pro (MBP) 13" is soon turning 2 years.  And it was getting slow. Painfully slow. [ Tried Taming Lion but was not enough ]

Meanwhile I was slowly burning in envy ( envy is good. jealousy is bad :) ) - looking at @sanban's  Mac Book Air (MBA) - which was so light and ran amazingly fast. All thanks to the SSD - Solid State Drive in it vs the HDD - Hard Disk Drive on my MBP.

Twitterverse advised me to upgrade to SSD. Spoke to @b_hari who advised me - its a no brainer.  And you won't regret it - the difference is humungous.

I did a search on the local flipkart and but could not find any SSDs.  This was some 6 months back I guess.

A few days back I was planning to do a re-install - things had gone painfully slow. This time I went to and searched for SSDs and got a few hits.

There were lot of options and I zer…