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2017 Books Round up

My first blog post of every new year is on the books I crunched in the past 1 year. Here is the list for previous years - 20102011201220132014,  2015 and 2016
Compared to other years, this year I had shunned Social Media - zero posts in FB. Few marketing retweets in Twitter. TV was shunned already.  I had more time to read books than previous years - inspite of a hectic 2017 
Here are the books I crunched - classified by Genres :
Science Fiction

1. Death's End - Cixin Liu

This is the 3rd and final part of the Three Body Problem. Science Fiction from China. In the earlier part Earth Civilization is preparing for an attack. In this part they are attacked. There is one funny piece where a scientist falls into a Black hole. However his wife does not get insurance, because he can never be declared dead - he is still falling into the black hole and is never dead theoretically! 
2. Dark Matter

Multi verse. Nice racy read.

3. Old Man's War

I think Netflix is making a TV serial of…