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The Facebook parents

India is in a growth phase like how the US economy was in the 80s. The US parents during the boom were called baby boomers. 
The Indian parents who are in their 35s to 45s of today are the equivalent of the baby boomer generation. Thankfully the school admission process is so competitive - it has scared them into not making a boom of the baby kind. 
Let me coin these parents the "Facebook parents" as they are all chained to their smartphones and Facebook. Of late whatsapp has become quite popular but whatsapp is owned by Facebook - so this term can still stand a scrutiny by future historians. 
They are economically successful and better off than their parent's generation. Most would have started their career drawing a salary their parents would have retired at. 
Would have visited a few countries for work or for pleasure. Would have a car or two or an unnecessarily powerful bike which they use for grocery errands. Would have a heavy EMI too. 
Like any good biologist - l…