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Fools paradise !!

Today ( Feb 12th ) is the Bangalore Bandh - for protesting against Cauvery tribunal's verdict. Let me observe this objectively.
Bandh : Bandhs are illegal in this great nation of ours. We needed Bandhs to eradicate the British - but bandhs are like self goals, inflicting injury on ourselves, setting your own shoe on fire, hit wicket - wish those boneheads understand the negative impact Bandhs create - It makes irreversible damage to the economy, image of India, investments, our work schedule. Now will this Bandh do any good to the cauvery verdict? No. Will it change the opinion of a single soul who has the power to do anything about it? No. What does it achieve other than doing all the damages I mentioned? Nada.

Banning Tamil Channels :This is the most ridiculous "protest" I have ever heard. How does "boring" tamilians ( who watches Tamil Channels other than my poor mom and her friends ) achieve the result of pissing Tamilians that they will give back the water?…