Sunday, July 07, 2013

What is Born Lucky

This week, after working for almost a month without a break ( except for a sunday when we went to Lonavalla but the drive to and fro was more stressful than a work day) - my body just slammed on the brake - by picking up a nasty cold. I had to stop and slow down.

This led me to think - what is Born Lucky.

At one point while growing up - I wanted my Dad to own a motor bike like other Dads instead of the bi-cycle - a vehicle that was also showing its age. After some time I saw my class mates who rode around in a car. Some wore fancy "jerkins" with multiple pockets and zips. I wore a sweater - served the purpose though - for the Coimbatorean chill. I thought they were born lucky - to be born in a rich family.

Then went to College. Saw folks who were gifted. They had amazing memory and analytical skills. They could solve complex mathematical problems and seemingly knew the answer to any problem in any subject. They could easily ace the exams while I had to work hard to understand the concepts. That time I thought they were born lucky - who are gifted with such good memory and IQ.

Couple of years later, work life started - and would admire those who speak fluently, articulate complex thoughts really well, who can put across their points of view firmly and influence an entire team, who will walk into a party and everyone would take notice - who are charismatic and are born leaders - being born lucky.

And so on - the definition of being born lucky kept getting updated as I see more and more "lucky people" in my life!

I thought being born lucky was to be born rich, or to be born with high IQ or to be born with lots of charisma.

I was so wrong.

To be born lucky is simply to be born healthy - without any defects ( reminds me of the Avaiyar poem -  translation is at the end of the post ) - that is truly being born lucky. We get a body - which has been honed to perfection through evolution over millions of years.

Yet - we throw away our luck. By over working ( like what I was doing ), or smoking or eating junk or having a sedentary lifestyle.

And being Healthy is complete in itself.

If I have a Honda City, I yearn for an Audi, someone having an Audi yearns for a Lamborghini.

Someone who is gifted with prodigal IQ - may perhaps be not satisfied - and may want to get famous by cracking a complex Mathematical puzzle or find cure for Cancer and win a Nobel Prize.

And for the person with oodles of Charisma - perhaps will think - wish I was like King Khan - and for King Khan - perhaps he is thinking how can I get to be the next Bachchan.

There are no levels in Being Healthy - much like running - I do not compete against anyone else but I am a happy content runner.

If we are having the gift of a healthy life - we should work hard to protect the gift and keep it with us as long as possible.

Getting rich or intelligent or becoming charismatic - all take lot of effort and hard work.

Protecting good health is quite simple - just need to live a stress free, simple, active life style. Sounds lot easier than the other 3.

Also just being healthy - all the above 3 can be achieved - the reverse is simply not possible.

Here is Avaiyar's poem which makes sense now. And the great sage has suggested a path when you are born human and luckier to be born healthy and luckier to get educated..

"It is rare to be born as a human being,
It is still rarer to be born without any deformity.
Even if you are born without any deformity,
It is rare to acquire knowledge and education.
Even if one could acquire knowledge and education,
It is still rare to offer service to the mankind and contemplate on the higher self.
If one leads such a selfless divine life,
The gates of heaven open to greet such an evolved soul."

[Above Translation is from ]