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Online Subscription Services

Yesterday I went for a demo. An elderly gentleman - Vice President of this Society asked me - why should I pay recurring and not one time. Just give me your software we will put it in this computer - showed me an old computer with a CRT monitor - and we are good. It has been a while I had answered this question - "a while" being - might be 2 or 3 years. I take it for granted nowadays that Online Software as a Service ( SaaS ) is the way to go. Here are the Online Services I use - on a monthly / yearly basis . Personal
1. Apple Music - Rs.190 per month - for an infinite supply of songs. 2. Amazon Prime Subscription - Rs.499 per year ( introductory I believe - will be Rs.999 later ) 3. - Rs. 2,750 per year - for well researched Indian startup news 5 times a week. 4. Art of living app - Rs.60 per month. For the Pranayama count mainly. 5. Apple 200GB Storage - Rs.140 per month 6. Magzter - Top Gear - Rs.670 per year, Readers Digest - Rs.370 7. Wired Magazine - …