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Yesterday I went for a demo. An elderly gentleman - Vice President of this Society asked me - why should I pay recurring and not one time. Just give me your software we will put it in this computer - showed me an old computer with a CRT monitor - and we are good.
It has been a while I had answered this question - "a while" being - might be 2 or 3 years. I take it for granted nowadays that Online Software as a Service ( SaaS ) is the way to go.
Here are the Online Services I use - on a monthly / yearly basis .
1. Apple Music - Rs.190 per month - for an infinite supply of songs.
2. Amazon Prime Subscription - Rs.499 per year ( introductory I believe - will be Rs.999 later )
3. - Rs. 2,750 per year - for well researched Indian startup news 5 times a week.
4. Art of living app - Rs.60 per month. For the Pranayama count mainly.
5. Apple 200GB Storage - Rs.140 per month
6. Magzter - Top Gear - Rs.670 per year, Readers Digest - Rs.370
7. Wired Magazine - Rs. 1200 per year.
8. Newton - Mail Client - Rs.1650 per year
9. Audible  - Rs.1100 a month - get 1 audio book a month.  

Had tried Netflix, Kindle Unlimited - but stopped them.
1. - Kickass Tool to track sprints. 20$ per month.
2. Jetbrains tools - PhpStorm, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Webstorm paid yearly.
3. Adobe Creative Cloud - for Photoshop paid monthly - some 70$ per month total
4. Zeplin - 20$ per month - for UX Team to upload design and Developers to use them
5. Github - 50$ per month
6. Marketing automation tools - 30$ and 50$ per month
7. Intuit Quickbooks - Rs.5000 per year - for our company's online Accounting
8. Google Apps for our email - Rs.150 per user per month. Bonus we get Google Docs and lot of storage space - to which we are migrating lock stock and barrel. Not using Dropbox.
9. Eapps, Amazon AWS and Linode Servers - Not disclosing :)
10. Microsoft Office 365 - but we are switching to Google Docs - 80% are using Ubuntu inside ADDA so we had to let go off Office. A few licenses are still being used when we have to communicate with the outside world. I have switched to Numbers/Pages/Keynote.
Yes, I do not own any of the Software or the Hardware. Enjoy the upgrades and benefits like backup and 100% uptime and can sleep peacefully at night.

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