The New India.

On 16th December, 2012 Nirbhaya / Jyoti Singh Pandey was tortured and murdered by 6 humans ( sorry cannot use the word animals as animals are much too nobler ). The country woke up to a cold hard truth - this country is going down fast - and without any control.

The establishment has thrown its hands up - we have laws but they are of no use to prevent such atrocities or we cannot enforce it effectively anymore.

Recently saw a video where someone from the audience asked a question to Rahul Gandhi - when kids cannot even read what is the use getting internet in schools?

Rahul Gandhi just asked back - what do you think the answer to the question is.

This video is being circulated and being laughed at - but actually - I am not laughing. Rahul Gandhi has a point - the establishment has given up. They cannot solve the myriad problems facing this country.

Acute Water shortage. Electricity disruptions. Economy in a mess. Movies being banned. India earning just 4 medals from Olympics. Women and Children exploited. Talented Meritorious students not getting a seat they deserve. Media not portraying the truth. Neighbouring country beheading our Jawans.

I can go on and on.

We can point the fingers at the Establishment - the Bureaucrats, the Politicians and write long blog posts, or on Facebook or Tweet gyan - saying fix it.

But like the profound statement Rahul Gandhi has said - it is up to us to fix it. The situation has gone out of control and it has gone beyond the grasp of the establishment.

There are many people who have the answers and are willing to fix it - if they are voted to the position of power. It is upto us to find them and vote them to power.

In the next election - I will do my research and when I find a good candidate I will go campaign. I will do my part to spread awareness. Will do my best to send the right person to the Legislation.

You may ask - but there are no clean candidates? Well - not any more. There are 3 good organisations which are promoting clean politics.

LokSatta -

I know of Mr.Ashwin Mahesh who is part of LokSatta - he contested the Graduate MLC election ( but lost unfortunately ) in Bangalore. He educated everyone about Graduate MLC post - which I did not know about in the 5 years I had lived in Bangalore. This is a special MLA post where the voters can only be graduates. Till now no one bothered about this as some dummy candidate will get elected by a few votes - but this time lot of awareness was created, Mr.Ashwin Mahesh met lot of Apartment Communities - first explaining about this whole Voter Registration process for this election and also spreading awareness on how Educated Elite should participate in politics. The turn out on election day was not that fantastic but its a start.

Not only that Mr.Ashwin Mahesh has helped Bangalore's Traffic situation improve a bit and also was instrumental in introducing Big 10 buses all around Bangalore. He is constantly on the news - saving lakes, supporting anti corruption rallies etc.

He is part of LokSatta party - an answer to but there are no good candidates to vote for. He is contesting the Bangalore MLA election now from Bommanahalli. His second attempt - and he he will win this time.

Nav Bharat

One of the founders of Nav Bharat is R.K.Misra - renowned entrepreneur and winner of Lead India initiative by Times of India in 2007. The concept of Nav Bharat is to back clean candidates - whichever party they belong to - and put them in power by helping them through campaigns, funds etc. This is the essence I have derived - but there is more to their philosophy.

Watch Nav Bharat during Election time - they would have done the background checks for you to go out and vote for the right man or woman.

Aam Aadmi  -

Like him or Hate him - the Magsaysay award winner Arvind Kejriwal is a force to be reckoned with. His party has set its sight on one thing - Corruption free governance - and this focus is what will make them win. Many are skeptical on Aam Aadmi party- corruption is not the only issue we are facing. But I am with Arvind Kejriwal on this.

Roll back to December 16th. The joy riders of the ill fated bus had just bribed the policeman so they will not be stopped anywhere. The horrible deed would have not happened if there was no corruption.

Mr.Manivannan - Bescom MD -

Just a couple of days back one Mr.Manivannan - Bescom MD - has become the darling of Social Media. Using a public facebook page  he interacts with customers and shows the working of his team - how they are trying hard to give continuous power. Hats off to an innovative and honest bureaucrat - you give us tremendous hope.

Well - there are many more such people / ideas / organizations that are rising up to the task to answer Mr.Rahul Gandhi's question.

Also these might seem too little but remember in 1984 BJP won 2 seats. In 1999 a BJP Prime Minister came to power.

Now lets fast forward to the future.

This is what will happen - in the New India.

In the 2014 election - 2 or 3 of these good candidates will go to the Parliament. They might be independents or from LokSatta or AamAadmi and if its a hung assembly ( in all probability ) - these good candidates will get pulled into the winning party as Cabinet Ministers.

They will get the "useless" ministries - could be Sports ( I may be wrong ), could be water, could be health - and they will run these brilliantly.

Media and the world will take notice. Finance Ministry, Home ministry will get pushed out of the lime light and these small ministries will be spoken everywhere.

The good governance will start spreading through the length and breadth of the Government.

I have tremendous hope on this New India. It is going to be awesome!


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