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India's ENRON

Its a sad day for us. In the last post I was exulting that the next apple or google is being cooked up somewhere in India.
And yesterday I was shocked to hear about Satyam with its hand muddied with a Rs.8000 crore fraud. We have managed to create an ENRON. I hope other Indian Companies do not get in the rat race to give bigger better balance sheets compared to the previous year - in order to have better share market results. Focussing on near short term and missing out on the long term benefits - of happy customers, happier employees and a rock solid business.
Thank you Mr.Raju - you have in one stroke made us cheaters. Don't know how long it will take to  clean up the tarnished image in the world's eyes.

To all the Men in the Arena !!

I was not aware of the startups in India till I had my own startup. It is the same feeling you get when you are in the market for purchasing a Maruti Swift and suddenly you spot lot of Swifts. I am spotting startups in bus loads. 
I am just bowled over by the number of ideas that are emanating out of India - not just Bangalore but from various parts of the country. Who said Indians are not creative enough? Yes we have been stifled a lot all these years because of various reasons and that could have given the impression that we are just followers and not leaders when it comes to ideas and technology. 
But now our entrepreneurs are getting more adventurous - and people on the fence are letting it go and jumping into the fray - who knows the next Apple, Google is being cooked right now somewhere in an apartment. 
Head over to this page - to see what I am talking.

Wish luck to all my fellow startupians - you guys are crazy and be that way !! 
Also I am dedicating…